Live-Canned Text

You can create blocks of predefined text and then insert them into your dictation, invoked via a numbered voice command. This can be used for standard blocks of text such as standard advice, or you can create templates by adding headings and ‘blank fields’ where values would go.​


Create canned text items


Access the canned text menu using either:


  • The icon on the floating button:



  • or the link in the setting panel:



To create a new canned text item, click the ‘new’ button on the panel that appears.



Enter a name and click ‘create’. The name must be shorted than 22 characters




With the new item selected, click ‘Edit’



Then add the text you’d like to have as canned text. This can contain text and line and paragraph breaks



When you are finished adding text click ‘Save’. The items will be numbered automatically.



You can close the canned text menu using the close icon in top right



Insert a canned text item


Once canned text items have been defined you can add them during your Live dictation.To insert a canned text item you must have your text cursor in a window that accepts text, or be using the ‘type to window’ mode.


While you are recording (recommended)



You can add canned text by invoking the canned text menu either with the voice command“Insert text”


While you are NOT recording



You can add canned text by clicking the canned text icon on the floating button



Once the canned text menu is open



You can then insert a canned text item by either:


  • Saying the number of the item you want to insert e.g. “one”
  • Clicking the item and then clicking ‘insert’



As soon as you insert the canned text, the canned text menu will disappear



As such, a rapid way to insert canned text is to say


“insert text two”


while recording – this will then insert canned text number two.


Can I insert canned text by saying the name of the item?


No – to insert an item using its name, the service would have to be able to recognise the name 100% accurately every time. Given that recognition accuracy cannot be guaranteed to be 100% every time, and that authors may want to give ‘non-standard’ names to items, using the name to invoke the item would limit the names that could be used and might be frustrating in the event it wasn’t recognised every time.


As such we believe it is more flexible and reliable to use a numbered list to insert the canned text items.


​Edit canned text items


Items can be:

  • Created
  • Be re-named
  • Have text edited
  • Deleted
  • Moved up and down the numbered list


Open the canned text menu either using the icon on the floating bar or the settings panel menu item




Select the item you want to edit



Click ‘Edit’



You can then:

  • Edit the text in the white box directly
  • Click ‘rename’ to rename it
  • Click the ‘up’ or ‘down’ buttons to move the item up or down
  • Click ‘delete’ to delete the item


After this press ‘Save’ as needed.​


 Navigating between ‘blank fields’


The ability to voice navigate between ‘blank fields’ is in development and should be available shortly.

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