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Unrivalled pricing with no hidden costs

As the only UK supplier with a propriatory solution within the medical sector, we are able to offer you the most competitive pricing in the market - packages start from £5 p/m.

"Dictate.IT is £000's cheaper than other alternatives... It's so intuitive and easy to use."

-Matt, GP Partner

Speech recognition is up to 4 times faster than typing manually

With increased demand on primary care, our speech recognition dictation solutions speed up clinical and secretarial day-to-day tasks, allowing the reallocation of time for other responsibilities.

“Very quick and writes into any programme a GP might use. Saves me an hour per day.”

– Andrew, GP Partner

Dictate to cursor

Create detailed and meaningful patient notes with dictate to cursor into any system including your clinical system, practice management systems and patient communication platforms.

“An excellent program for inputting text into any field. Works well with EMIS and makes dictating letters very speedy.”

– Timo, GP Partner

Capture meaningful information

Accurate speech recognition allows you to capture more detail than you would type, meaning patient notes are more comprehensive - vital now that patients can access their notes.

“Dictate IT has made my medical documentation and communication in general lot easier and more robust, due to the possibility to capture and exchange more information than with manual typing.”

- Senad, GP

Peace of mind with secure digital platforms

Patient data remains completely secure with Dictate.IT’s solutions, so your practice is never at risk.

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Our solutions

Maintain high standards of patient care whilst gaining back valuable hours that would have been spent typing.

For clinicians
For non-clinical

Clinical correspondence speech recognition

Supporting you to spend less time typing letters and more time where you’re needed most – helping to run a busy Practice.

  • Create letters from speech-recognised textyou receive fully transcribed dictation from the Clinician
  • Work remotelymanage documents from anywhere via the mobile app
  • Improve letter turnaroundweb portal delivery with alerts
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Dictate to cursor

Speed up all clinical information recording tasks that would traditionally be typed, such as:

  • Patient notes
  • Insurance and medical reports
  • Patient communication
  • Practice management
  • Internal communication

Speech recognised dictation

Speed up the production of patient and referral letters, by translating your dictation into speech recognised text, sent automatically to your secretarial team.

  • Remote working at the point of need
  • Saves your time
  • Saves secretary time
  • Starts at £5 p/m

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Don’t just take our word for it

This is what our community says about us. Healthcare organisations across primary care use Dictate.IT solutions to ease administrative burden.

“It’s very quick and easy and it saves a lot of time. It is remarkably accurate at medical terminology”

Dr Eidn Mahmoudzadeh, -

Barlow Medical Centre

A quick summary of our benefits

Find out more about how Dictate.IT’s speech recognition and digital dictation solutions can save time in your practice.

Unrivalled pricing with no hidden costs


No voice training needed


Dictate anywhere


UK-based, proprietary solution


Time saving - up to 1 hour per day per clinician


Secure and safe


99% accurate


Integrates with all clinical systems


No specific hardware requirements


Cloud / web based


Designed specifically for healthcare