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Dictation solutions that work around you

We recognise that everyone has an existing dictation workflow that suits them. That’s why our solutions can be tailored, from person to person, department to department. From speech recognition to digital dictation and outsourcing, we work around you to ensure that the needs of every user are met.

Flexible, efficient and fast

With mobile and desktop applications, tailored workflow solutions and speech recognition that’s more than 99% accurate and up to 4 times faster than typing, our dictation solutions are guaranteed to save time and improve quality.

"Dictate.IT is £000's cheaper than other alternatives... It's so intuitive and easy to use."

-Matt, GP Partner

Transform your clinical correspondence

Reduce letter backlogs and meet turnaround targets by significantly reducing secretary typing time.

“Our turnaround time for dictation tasks has reduced from weeks to just hours.”

Sharon Baily, Project Manager and Service Lead

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Peace of mind with secure digital platforms

ISO27001 certified and UK hosted. All data is AES 256 bit encrypted in transit and at rest. Mobile apps have two factor authentication on first use of a new device, and no patient data is retained on the hardware between uses.

Our security policies

Our dictation solutions

Maintain high standards of patient care whilst gaining back valuable hours that would have been spent typing

For clinicians
For non-clinical

Dit3 – Speech recognised dictation

Dit3 can be tailored to suit each user’s dictation requirements and preferences, from speech recognition to digital dictation and outsourcing.

  • Retain existing individual workflowsspeech recognition, digital dictation or outsourcing to suit
  • Remote working at the point of needdictate and approve anywhere via the mobile app
  • Save your timespeaking is faster than typing
  • Improve letter turnaround timesyour secretaries can work more efficiently
  • Eliminate backlogswe can assist you with short or long-term projects
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Live - Dictate to Cursor

Live speeds up all clinical information recording tasks that would traditionally be typed.

  • Dictate straight into the EPRintegrates with all, including Cerner, Epic and System C
  • Create more accurate notesspeaking is more detailed than typing
  • Speech to text, anywhere transcribed text appears on screen immediately
  • Speed up any and all medical adminuse with any platform
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Dit3 - Speech recognised dictation

Spend less time typing letters and more time where you’re needed most – supporting your Clinicians to deliver exemplary patient care.

  • Create letters from speech-recognised textyou receive fully transcribed dictation from the Clinician
  • Fully integratedall EPR’s, hybrid mail providers and electronic delivery systems
  • Work remotelymanage documents from anywhere via the mobile app
  • Workflows to suit your teamdigital dictation and outsourcing also available
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Don’t just take our word for it

This is what our community says about us. Healthcare organisations across secondary care use Dictate.IT solutions to ease administrative burden.

Our turnaround time for dictation tasks has reduced from weeks to just hours.

Sharon Baily, Project Manager and Service Lead

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust