What do we mean when we say that our speech recognition and digital dictation solutions have no hidden costs? 

This is the third article in our ‘No hidden costs’ series, where we’ll be detailing 5 areas that you shouldn’t be paying extra for – or paying for at all – when you have a speech recognition or digital dictation solution at your practice. In this post, we’ll be talking about updates. 

It’s common for apps and tech solutions to include upgrades to the service as standard. But this hasn’t been the case in healthcare technology, and we want to change that.  

We have development teams constantly working on enhancing the solutions that we offer, whether that’s adding new features or researching the industry to ensure our products continue to serve healthcare teams effectively. 

Our solutions come with mobile apps at no extra cost – we don’t believe in charging for convenience. 

When you purchase Dictate.IT’s speech recognition and digital dictation solutions you pay one price, which includes all the functionality of our product. So not only are there no hidden costs, but our pricing is unrivalled as a result. 

If you want to know what we mean by unrivalled prices – our clinical correspondence workflow tool, Swift, is available for £23 per month, per user. If you add Live, our dictate-to-cursor solution, that price is £30 per month, per user. 

Keep an eye out for our next two articles, which will detail what else in included in that price. And if you’ve not read our first two articles, about microphones and training, go back and read them, too! 

Dr Matt Best with mobile phone