Dictate.IT Reduces Letter Backlogs at North Bristol NHS Trust | Dictate-IT

Dictate.IT had been providing digital dictation and transcription services to the surgery division, at North Bristol NHS Trust (NBT) since 2017, having originally been introduced to support backlog reduction.

With COVID recovery plans in full swing, other departments at NBT started struggling with letter production due to the increased demand on outpatient activity. There were a number of contributing factors with the formation of backlogs, such as admin staff shortages, vacant admin posts, which were near impossible to fill, and the need to see a higher number of patients in order to catch up with waiting lists.

We started supporting the Medicine division in March 2022, followed by Women & Children’s Health in May 2022. The Gynaecology team had a letter backlog of 7 weeks prior to implementing Dictate.IT’s solutions and now remain backlog free due to the ongoing support we are providing them.

“Dictate.IT has made such a huge difference to our backlogs. Both the admin and clinical teams have really taken the change on board and it’s working well – so well that the Obstetrics team may want to start using this too. It has really helped us. The process from planning, implementation, right through to go-live was so simple and seamless that I would recommend Dictate.IT for such projects to other colleagues.” 

Lucy Martin Gynaecology Support Manager, Women and Children’s Health, North Bristol NHS Trust