Swift-EMIS Configuration

The EMIS configuration enables Swift to extract basic patient details (name, DOB) from EMIS. When a user dictates using Swift, the patient details are automatically pulled across. This means that the dictated text is clearly assigned to a patient when it is then distributed by the secretaries.


Step 1 – Configure the API users

Click the ‘EMIS’ icon in the top left corner, then select ‘System Tools’, then ‘EMAS Manager’.

EMAS Manager


Step 2

Select ‘Partner API’ in the bottom left corner, then select ‘Dictate Swift’ from the list of ‘Partner API’.


Click ‘Activate Application’ in the top left corner, ensuring that ‘Dictate Swift’ is still selected from the ‘Partner API’ list.

EMIS Activate App


Step 3

Select ‘Login Access’, ensuring that Dictate Swift is still selected from the ‘Partner API’ list.

EMIS Login Access


Locate ‘API, DictateIT (Mr)’ in the list of users shown. Tick ‘Auto Login’ and ‘Allow Login’,
then press ‘OK’.

EMIS app login access


Click ‘Login Access’ again and find all users that are going to be using Dictate Swift. Tick ‘Auto Login’ and ‘Allow Login’ for each user, then press ‘OK’.



If any new Swift users are added at a later date, please ensure that step 3 is repeated for these users to allow them to connect to EMIS.


If you experience connection issues please check that the configuration is correct and the user has Auto Login and Allow Login ticked.

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