What do we mean when we say that our speech recognition and digital dictation solutions have no hidden costs?

This is the first article in our ‘No hidden costs’ series, where we’ll be detailing 5 areas that you shouldn’t be paying extra for – or paying for at all – when you have a speech recognition or digital dictation solution at your practice. In this post, we’ll be talking about microphones.

Many speech recognition and digital dictation providers require the purchase of specific, and often costly, microphones for use with their products, in order to get the most accurate recognition. This additional equipment can double the cost of the software and render the solutions ineffective if not purchased. It’s a hidden cost that you don’t consider when procuring a digital solution.

Which is why there’s no specific hardware required with any Dictate.IT solution. Our speech recognition and digital dictation tools either integrate with existing equipment, or utilise the microphone on your mobile phone using our free app. Modern mobile phones have excellent microphones built-in, so there’s no need for expensive equipment when you likely already have a great solution sitting on your desk. It also means no more fighting with your colleagues for equipment that’s in short supply, especially when they’ve taken it home accidently.

If you would prefer a headset or microphone however, we suggest you get a reasonably-priced one on the internet. There’s no need to spend hundreds of pounds – it’s simply not necessary.

But how can we do this when others can’t? Our speech recognition solution is AI-powered and intuitive. It’s designed to understand medical terminology. As long as you’re in a reasonably quiet place and you speak clearly, the speech engine is 99% accurate using a mobile phone or microphone.

And talking of those unrivalled prices – our clinical correspondence workflow tool, Swift, is available for £23 per month, per user. If you add Live, our dictate-to-cursor solution, that price is £30 per month, per user.

Keep an eye out for our next 4 articles, which will detail what else in included in that price.

Doctor looking at mobile phone