Live-User Guide

To use Live, the desktop application must be installed on your desktop PC. If wishing to record using a mobile device, the Live app must also be installed.

  1. Double-click on the Live desktop icon to launch the application, then log in.
    Live login

  2. Select your recording device. We recommend using a headset, wired microphone or the mobile app. Laptop microphones are often low quality and can pick up background noise, which can impact recognition.
    Select recording voice

    Top tip! The recording device can be edited whilst using the application. To do this, hover over the desktop button and click the cog icon.

    A different recording device can be selected from the dropdown menu.

    Recording device settings

  3. Place your cursor where you want the transcribed dictation to appear. The cursor can be placed within any application that allows data entry, including your clinical system.

    Top tip! You can also dictate into the Live ‘floating box’ to allow your text to be inserted multiple times into other applications. Find out how to do this here.

  4. Option 1: record via the desktop application.
    A button will show on screen. If the button is red, this means the application is ready to record. If the button is grey, the application is not ready to record. Press the button to start recording. The button will turn green to indicate that it is recording.

    Top tip! Use the ‘grab’ handle on the left to move the button around your screen.

    Option 2: record via a mobile device.
    Log into the Live app
    Live login
    Check the recording device is set to Mobile Device.
    Press the red button. The button will turn green to indicate that it is recording.

  5. Click the icon again to stop recording. Your dictation will have been transcribed where the cursor was placed or into the floating box, depending on the option.

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